Monday, December 31, 2012

Not going to sit back and let things happen to me anymore... I am going to make things happen for me!

New Years Eve....

So where I am... I was so happy home rasing the children, homeschooling and taking care of my home and family.. but then.. they grew up.. husband had drifted away into his own world.. I went to work.. which was ok.. but I took on too much and now my health is not so good..

I'm home again.. as long as medicaid doesn't screw me over too bad.. won't know until later this month. I want to now take stock of my life.. Who am I if not a mom and wife?.. (while I am still those, that doesn't define me anymore) So many things I want to do.. get healthy for one. Looking at eating better, getting rest, and if weather permits.. walking again.

Learning to have some backbone! I have many things I ahve to deal with now with the nursing home, medicaid etc.. I ahve to learn to stand up and be heard.. or these people will walk all over me. Not easy for me.. I never stood up for myself or what I wanted or what I believed.. Something I will learn from my amazing daughters... No one messes with them!

Not a fan of resolutions but I am working on goals for this year.. one of the things I plan to share here.. my progress.. or lack of if that's the case. January 1st begins with time with the Lord.. I plan to blog about some of the devotionals I am reading.. (I read these like novels :) Myriah just got me one that has excerpts from Jane Austen books.. I love it. Tomorrows post... worry... remember Mr. Woodhouse? It's a good one.

I'm a bit unsure how I will be wording things.. I feel like I am talking to someone even thought there are only a few who even have the link.. I started thinking of it as a diary.. but as I write I feel more like I'm sharing with an unseen audience.. rather than in a diary no one will read... so I will write as if I am talking to a friend.

 My first goal for this year :) I look forward to this adventure...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Just the beginning

I am just starting to figure this out. Hoping to be somewhat ready to start on the 1st :) My plan is for a journal/personal place where I can write about what is going on in my life.. God, my husband, my children, my home.. but also to be able to journal what I am learning.. as I struggle through various things. I am back home after being in the work force for the past 7 years or so.. and am so very happy to be.. but it means some big adjustments.. I know there will be many ups and downs.. This is where I hope to log what is going on.. and to celebrate the victories!

Join me as I begin the New Year...