Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Jane Austen day..

I had such a lovely day.. my daughter had to take my car to work so I couldn't go out if I wanted to, which I didn't! I ahve been working at getting my house in order after 7 years of being out of my home and working.. so today I decided to indulge.. I put in the 2010 version of Emma.. made lots of tea all day long.. and crocheted my day away. I was alone all day.. (except for my puppy and 5 cats, and 5 guinea pigs and a bunny...)  :) it was quiet...

I had time to stop and think.. every now and then hitting pause and doing something else for a bit. Baked a cake, had a little lunch, thought about some sewing I want to do.

Tomorrow it's back to real life.. but for today.. blessed by Jane Austen :)

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