Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My pretty room

It does seem that cleaning an already clean room is so much more fun than cleaning a dirty one... my bedroom was in good shape.. but I wanted to change it around a bit.. so I moved the bed and dresser.. and played around with some new ideas.

 This wicker rocking chair needed new cushions.. so I finally got on that and made up rather quickly these covers. The chair is horribly uncomfortable! But I do love wicker.. I only use it for some Bible reading in the morning and sometimes the evening. So it doesn't really matter that it isn't the most comfortable!

 I moved the dresser between the two bookshelves, I am happy with it there.. as it fills the wall nicely. The runner on the dresser was crocheted by my Great-grandmother.. I have a matching bedspread, that will go on in the spring. I will need to evict my puppy to use it though... so we'll see :)

 I found this crocheted bedspread at a thrift store.. so sad that someone put so much work into something and it ended up in a thrift store.. there are 2 little spots.. pillows cover one and Raggedy Ann sits on the other. I love Raggedy Ann. My daughters got her for me for Christmas a few years ago. The pillows are also from the thrift store!

I adore hat boxes.. and any other pretty box I can get my hands on! The roses are silk.. they look so real, I enjoy them! The quilt covers a wall that has a closet I have stored my husbands books and "junk" in that I will need to get rid of at some point.. even if he comes home he can't read... but for now it was a quick fix to put them all in there!

I enjoy my pretty room. I sit in here at night and read and drink my hot vanilla milk.. Guess I will have to get to work on the other rooms! Warm weather is coming.. and I expect my energy level to go up too. I dislike cold so much.

I am counting my blessings daily!

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