Sunday, January 6, 2013

Always a Mom....

Something really bothering me lately.. all these changes with finances.. basically I have half what I had 3 months ago.. but MANY more bills... more every day. I am adjusting to doing with less.. I have heat.. food and shelter.. mostly I am content.. I love being home.. but what does upset me.. is not being able to help my children like I could before! Now.. they are grown and doing pretty well.. it is not something they make me feel guilty about or anything.. they have always been thankful when I could help out some.. when I needed help they were there for me too!

But I find myself resenting this situation.. one that was none of my doing.. or theirs.. because I am now limited to what I can do.. One has a car repair bill.. used to be I'd drop by and pay it.. one needs tires.. used to be I'd just go get it and get them... or fill the tank.. one of my delights was surprising them with gas!

So now I need to accept that it is a different time.. I can't do the things I did before financially.. but I can pray.. I can pray for God to bless them and provide all they need.. and maybe even  bit more for an occasional treat :) I can be here for them when they need me.. While I do pray every day for them, I am going to begin a special time that I pray for each ones needs specifically... and I'm going to write... so as I see what God is doing for them.. it will build my faith also.. and help me be content with where I am!

They know I am here for them.. anything I can do.. I'm thinking that is what matters.

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