Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Worrying my life away...

My daughter bought me a Jane Austen devotional. Each page has excerpts from one of her books, and a devotional take on it. The first page I opened to was on worry... something I do a lot of lately. It included the paragraph where Mr. Woodhouse is concerned about going out into a storm after a dinner party. Now.. that seems like a reasonable thing to worry about.. unless you know Mr. Woodhouse.. he even worried about GOOD things! I would always laugh at him.. (I have about every video/DVD made of Jane Austens books).. it's fun to see the different ways he was portrayed.. but one thing for sure.. he worried about everything!

It seems that God sent me to this devotional first... it's not the first in the book..and it's a good sized book.. but lately.. I worry..a lot. During the day I get tough and say I can only do the best I can.. but at night.. I lay in bed and the bills.. the letters.. the phone calls.. all start going around in my head.. my heart starts racing.. I can't breathe..what makes me think worrying about them in bed is going to do any good! Why can I trust God during the day but not at night? Obviously.. I'm not trusting... day or night. This worry is stealing my rest, my faith, and my health... and not accomplishing anything!

God says.. "Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God" Phil.4:6.

I can't pay a single bill while laying in bed worrying... but I can pray.. I can give to Him who owns everything.. my problems..my anxious thoughts... I can let Him carry the burden of the bills.. the letters and the phone calls... I think from now on.. before I even open mail or answer the phone.. I'll give God a call and ask Him to take it for me :) I don't know how I'll ever get caught up.. but this past week God sent me 3 angels to help me and to encourage me.. so I am choosing trust. (now let's see how I hold up when I go to bed!) let you know tomorrow!

My first goal for the year... more prayer... starting each day with a devotional and prayer. Day 1 done! See you tomorrow!

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