Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Learning my way around home again...

I love being home :) I am slowly getting tings picked up and fixed up.. long way to go, but i ma encouraged each day to get a few more  little things done..

I am adjusting to the difference in being home now.. compared to before I went to work..

No children around.. no schooling to be done.. no dance classes to run to..

No daughter to drop everything and have a cup of tea with.. no daughters to drop by their room and chat a bit.. no daughter to discuss sewing.. crocheting..

I still have them :) but they're not HERE. So I am still trying to find who I am in this home journey without little ones around...  am I a writer? Always wanted to be.. should I look at an online shop to sell my crafts?? Thinking about it.. Taking more time to read my Bible and pray.. absolutely!

For now I am enjoying the journey back home.. cleaning, baking, sewing.. maybe along the way I'll find the woman God has planned for me to become :)

For now.. although the circumstances are hard that brought me home again.. I will praise God and thank Him for giving me this time...

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