Wednesday, January 23, 2013


I've been reading this delightful book.. For the love of Christian Homemaking.. by Mrs. Sharon White.. this lady has seen some difficult times, yet she remains devoted to her home and family.. struggling to take care of both.. while dealing with illnesses and heartaches.. I am finding her such an encouragement! I have to stop myself from reading the book straight through.. it is a collection, journal like.. of her thoughts during her quirt times in the early mornings..

I am still struggling with finances.. and this whole situation.. she reminds me how thrilled I am to be home again! Today as I paid bills I was again feeling down because there just wasn't enough to cover them.. not and make a payment to the nursing home.. which needed to be done, but Sierra stopped by and encouraged me.. reading a bit of Mrs. Whites book encouraged me.. then I got a text from Myriah.. I was upset I can't pay the bill and they are getting mad.. Myriah texted.. "Nothing more you can do! And they won't get the money any faster if you're sad :) "

Encouragement... it can come in many forms... written, spoken.. and sometimes.. no words at all.. just a hug.

Is there someone who needs your encouragement today?

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