Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tea breaks...

I got quite a bit done today.. the dining room is looking good.. kitchen is ready to paint, but haven't felt like getting into that. Thinking I will work on tidying up more before jumping into a big project.. maybe living room tomorrow..

One thing I am doing.. is allowing myself tea breaks... not the grab a cup of tea and hope to drink it before it gets cold, but the fix a pot and use a pretty cup kind of tea... then I sat and read a little from a really nice book I got today. It is written by Mrs. Sharon White, titled For the Love of Christian Homemaking. It is almost a journal of sorts, Mrs. White would sit quietly in the morning before her household was up and about, and these are a collection of her writings during that time. You can visit her at "The Legacy of Home" blog.


Today I read...

"Sometimes one of the greatest secrets of joyful homemaking is knowing when to quit"

I tend to do nothing.. or overdo! I get so involved I exhaust myself and then am no good for the next few days. I need to work on pacing myself, so I can get the things done I want to. So today I made time to sit with tea and read.. 15 minutes was enough to refresh and give me energy to continue.

I wanted to put a picture of the teapot I used today bit for some reason I can't get it to work... maybe tomorrow. For now.. I think it's bedtime.. Buddy is waiting :)

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