Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Stress? Got the solution....

Meet the best stress reducer ever....

Ignore the date :) I've had "Buddy" 3 weeks tomorrow.. I've wanted a puppy for  along time.. when I made the decision to leave work my girls started looking.. Sierra found this little guy and surprised me with him.. He is amazing... he just moved in like he has always been here.. sleeps with me... follows me around.. but here's the best part.. usually in bed is when my mind starts working overtime and I get worried and stressed.. Buddy will curl right up next to me and cuddle.. it is completely impossible to worry and stress while rubbing that tummy :) He is so loving!

Today I got a lot done.. cleaning out the kitchen so I could paint.. fussing around, washing sheets and cleaning out some notebooks of stuff I've printed out, sorting through stuff. Realized as I was texting with Myriah... I never got dressed! This is not a habit I want to develop! So tomorrow getting dressed will be first on my list :)

Started working on a homemaking notebook.. something I have started a few times, but never really had time to work out the details.. basically a notebook to keep track of things around here! I am a list person.. while I know things that need to be done, having it written in front of me helps me to actually do it. I have some big goals for getting this house cleaned up and decluttered... I also need to keep track of tons of paperwork for the nursing home, medicare, medicaid etc... so this notebook is going to help me keep track of my life!

I haven't had to count pennies for a while... I was working and he got SS... now it's only his SS and I have a pile of bills and I need to start budgeting and figuring out who is getting paid, how much and when! Aaron likes to eat now and then too... He's lived on frozen pizza and the occasional meal when I was off...  since I've been home these past few weeks I've been getting back into cooking for him. He's thrilled!

So my notebook will definately have a budget section! I'm going to work on it tomorrow and maybe post some pictures. There are so many good blogs I've been looking into all day for ideas.

I am so excited to be home again... so many things to do.

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